About us  

Welcome to our website.

We are small home cattery Lege Artis, CZ registrated by FIFe since 20.3.2008.

We breed British Shorthair cats in many colours, specially in bi-colours of all colours. Also solids, torties and tabby.
In my breeding programme I put the accent on health, type and character.

At this time I have only one breeding cat – cream bicolour Vanilka z Lužinek, CZ - but in the near future I´d like to aquire two other cats.
I mean 2 or 3 breeding cats are adequate. Neutered cats live and do will live with us, too. I don´t want to send them to other family because they are old and can´t give kittens.

Our cats live with us in flat 3+1 and they are equal parts of our family. No cages and no outdoor breeding.

We feed our cats by valuable and various food (superpremium dry and wet food, meal, milk products and vitamins).

Our cats are routine vaccinated, dewormed, tested (FIV, FeLV, FIP).
Breeding cats will be PKD DNA and HCM negatively tested.