We breed kittens with pedigree only.
Our kittens leave our home minimaly 13 weeks old, vaccinated (cat-flu, panleukopenia, chlamydiosis and rabies) and frequently dewormed, with hygienics practice, good socializated, used to society of adult people and children.

Every new owner of our kitten will receive:
vaccination card
list of purchase
small package of dry food
favourite toy
CD with pictures

pet passport, microchip and transfer if needed – not included in kitten price

I want to find good family for all of my kittens. It´s not needful to go with our kitten to shows, for me is important pleased pet.
If you are interested in our kitten, please send me email. Please specify – sex and colour of kitten, your plans (breeding or pet keeping), and some personal informations about you.

Our home is free for visitors who wants to learn about us, our cats and kittens.