CH Quelea Lege Artis, CZ

Quelea is British shorthair chocolate tortie bicolour (BRI h 03) female.

She was born on 2.4.2009 in my breeding cattery as the first Vanilka´s kitten.

Since the first moment I have been in love with her unusual colour and good amount and distribution of white and sweet chocolate patch around left eye.
My small pirate girl is well cobby.
She has a beautiful round head, short nose with good profile, strong chin and beautiful large, wide opened eyes with very promising colour. She has a baby coat yet, a little bit less undercoat for me, but with promising texture. We will see in the future if she will be our next breeding cat or “only” beloved pet.

She is our baby. We love her and she loves everybody.

blood group: B

PKD: DNA neg.

HCM: USG neg. 08/2012

FIV, FeLV: neg.