CH S*Billfeldt´s Montana

Montana is British shorthair chocolate harlequin (BRI b 02) female.

She was born on 28.10.2008 in Växjö (Sweden) in Hanna Billfeldt´s breeding cattery.

She is still a small baby, but she has a beautiful round head, small ears well based, short nose with good profile and very promising eye colour already. She has a baby coat yet, a little bit longer, but she has a perfect amount of white colour and cute dark chocolate spots. Really I´m curious what a judge will say me about her at the first show.

Since the first moment I´m fascinated with her cuteness and affection for people. She likes caress every time and everywhere and she is purring all the time. She is playful, sedulous and having a great appetite.

Thank you Hanna very much for my little sweetie. I know it was hard for you to sell kitten abroad. I promise I will give to Montana the best home and I will never disappoint you.


blood group: A

PKD: DNA neg.

HCM: USG neg. 01/2010, 08/2012

FIV, FeLV: neg.

Strep.canis: neg.